giovedì 14 agosto 2014

Rupes Altai and Piccolomini region

Piccolomini dome (termed Pi1)

by Paolo Lazzarotti

 Diameter [km]
 Heigth  [m]
 14 ± 0.5
 350 ± 30
 2.9 ±  0.3

It is located about 85 km northwest of the crater Piccolomini inside the Nectaris basin, about 30 km closer to its centre than the Altai Scarp. The dome Pi1 is characterised by a high lava viscosity of 107 Pa s. Its rheologic properties are similar to those of the comparably steep domes north of Hortensius in Mare Insularum. Pi1 belongs to class B1 domes due to its high lava viscosity. The rheologic modelling results and inferred dike geometries indicate that the dome Pi1 was produced by magma of high viscosity ascending at low speed from magma reservoirs located at great depth below the lunar crust.